Skill Mastery: Gin & Tonic Hat

I’ve wanted a nice hat to wear for a while now, but I didn’t feel comfortable enough in my knitting skills to do something fancy. I found the pattern for Gin & Tonic over at Knitted Bliss. It was really cute and seemed easy enough to do.

Isn’t it darling? You can see all of my notations and yarn choice on my ravelry project page. I had to teach myself how to properly knit a “daisy stitch” which was easier than I had expected but also a pain in the ass because I knit rather tightly. Can’t be helped, but I had to remind myself repeatedly to loosen up.

I realized, as I started knitting up one for my sister, that I actually shortened the pattern. Doh! It still fits well, it’s just not as slouchy as it’s supposed to be. I wear this hat all the time now. It’s become a staple in my wardrobe for chilly days. Keeps you warm on cold days, but not too warm on nice days.



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